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                                                                 What “Growth Spurt” is not!


Growth Spurt is not a lecture by a “motivated for money” inspirational speaker. We don’t offer a “roll around in the mud” team building exercise. And we do not administer a cultural profile driven by some need to find fault in your organization.


                                                                                     We are!


A group of presenters that do our best to facilitate empowerment and growth within your organization.




         We have an undeniable twist! We are totally dedicated to making sure our participants have fun!


We will play some trivia, discuss and vote on some concepts regarding culture and commitment. We will also hear a few words of wisdom, and even have some lighthearted competitions.  But at no time will anyone feel pressured to do anything but relax and enjoy!


We are also 1000% wholesome! Never is heard a discouraging, or disparaging, word! If motivation, inspiration or even a “Growth Spurt” happens it will be because it came without expectation.


                                                                                 The Details


Our basic program is about two hours long (including a 15 minute break), but we can shorten up, or stay all day if you want us to. Here is a synopsis of a few sessions which are each about 20 minutes in length:


1. “Words to Grow On” - in this session we invite participants to look at some famous proverbs and sayings, and then ask the team to develop what they feel could someday be an inspirational quote.


2.  “A Culture of One”- through large discussion we ask the entire group to examine the culture of a work place. Then in small groups we discuss various aspects of culture. Finally, we will ask each person to silently examine their own individual culture.


3.  “The Job Interview” – we ask the small groups to develop interview questions for the job of “CEO” and then quiz them about how and why they developed the questions they did.


There are no physical requirements like are often seen at corporate team building events. We certainly will not pressure anyone to participate. You can also be certain we will keep everything lighthearted, non-controversial and fun.


                                                                      The Presenters


Yes, the presenters have some formal education degrees, but more importantly have been expertly trained by life’s school of hard knocks. And they certainly aren’t in this to get rich! They just do their thing at your gathering because they love what they do, and have fun doing it.


No get together is too large or too small. Be it a spiritual function, corporate encounter, or just a diversion from the ordinary for your staff; let us invite a “Growth Spurt” into your organizations world. 


                  “The best things in life are unexpected because there are no expectations.”

                                                                        Eli Khamarov

''Growth Spurt''

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