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                                                         One of our most popular offerings!

Book an evening of fun where you and your guests can enjoy a laid back night of stimulating games and nostalgic music. 

  • Begin the evening with Surf’s Up Trivia – unconventional questions, with dazzling pictures, and often hilarious answers are projected onto the wide screen. You’ll enjoy racking you brain and squaring off against other competitors in this witty contest.


  • Then we move into familiar games you’ll really enjoy, Like:


 Name That Tune – In this game you’ll hear snippets from some of the most popular music   of all time, and then try and name the title and artist of the songs. You’ve never had so much fun getting oh so frustrated.


Family Feud – In this familiar challenge your responses are compared to, “What the survey says.” Overwhelm the competition with your insights when your team wins this friendly little war.    


Match Game – Dumb Doris is so dumb! How dumb is she? Find out when you try and                match the responses of other guests.

Minute to Win It - Mild Physical events like Mini-basketball, Corn Hole, Relay Races and Pong Challenge 



And when the games end, let the music begin. One of our DJ’s will invite you to relax, or dance, away the rest of the evening with the best music ever made. The tunes are played with high definition and clarity on state of the art equipment. It’s almost a certainty we will have your request in our gigantic collection.


  • Want just the trivia? Just the games? Or just the DJ?


  • We can customize any offering to suit your event.

  • These services are perfect for: Family Reunions, Picnics, Birthday Parties and more!

  • Let us know the age of your crowd and we will tailor the content to match the generation. We know that not everyone is a Millennial!

Trivia, Game and Music Night

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